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This session is all about the attributes needed in getting to the ball first or winning it and dribbling into a position to score.

Set up

Set up a 15×15-yard area with four goals facing outwards, five yards in from the edge. We’ve used eight players. You need four small goals – if you use cones, the players can only score in the front of the goal so they have to go around it to score.

How to do it

Players are positioned around the area and in pairs are given numbers from one to four, so both players in the pair have the same number. The coach serves a ball into the middle between the goals and calls out a number – the two players with that number race to the ball and try to score.
After playing a few times change it so the coach calls out more than one number and the players with that number work as pairs against the other numbered pair. In the progression they can also use the outside players.


This is great for players to show their determination to win the ball, protect it and move into a scoring position. Try to match up the pairs so they are at similar stages of development.

Challenges to win the ball

    1. The coach plays a ball into the centre of the area and then calls out a number. The two players with that number challenge for the ball
    2. Here the number four is called and players must react quickly to try and get to the ball first

Attack or win the ball

    3. Players must now either attack or try to win the ball back in a 1v1. Players can score in any of the goals but they have to get around to the front
    4. Now the players are working in pairs and the coach calls two numbers out for a 2v2 battle

    5. Players must be aware and help each other out so they can quickly take advantage of having the ball and score
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