Penalty area decisions

This session is all about making decisions in the penalty area, communicating with a team-mate and using both feet to score. It gives all players an understanding of winning 1v1s in important areas and helps them to learn where to run to receive the ball in dangerous areas.

Set up

Use the penalty areas of your pitch for this session. We’ve used six players. You will need bibs, plenty of balls, cones and a full-sized goal with a goalkeeper.

How to play it

This is all about using both feet to score. The attacker must run from the edge of the penalty area and trick the defender to create space. He must then call for the ball from one side then the same attacker and defender go back for a second ball and call for a pass from the other side of the goal.


This is a great game for getting attackers to lose their markers and get into positions to score on both sides of the pitch using both feet. The second chance is harder because the run is much more predictable as the defender knows which side the attacker is aiming to score from.

1. The attacker has to run at the defender and beat him to the ball with tricky movement to send him the wrong way
2. A ball is played to the attacker when he calls for the pass into the box and he must get on the end of it to score past the goalkeeper

3. The defender must try to get between the attacker and goal to try and block any shot
4. The second run from the attacker is harder because the defender knows which side he is going to receive the ball from. Here the attacker calls early for the pass

5. Once players have worked the session, add a third ball coming from a central angle and played behind the defender that the attacker must hunt down and score from

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