Penalty area success

Possession of the ball on the edge of the penalty area should result in creating goal scoring chances. If not the reason could be they’re making the wrong decisions. It gets your players to make correct decisions on the edge of the penalty area

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals in the penalty area of your normal pitch. We used 5 players in the session.

How to play it

Split your players into a midfielder, 3 attackers and a goalkeeper. For each move the central pivot plays the ball back to a the midfielder, receives a pass back then decides to pass to the attacker on the right or on the left. If he passes left the attacker can shoot, dribble or combine with the central pivot. The right attacker must move quickly to become a defender. The central pivot must support play and link up with the attacker. Play for three attacks then change the pivot. You can try the session with the first set of passes as one-touch when they get the hang of it.


Passing, movement, receiving, shooting and closing down are all worked on in this session.

    1. The central pivot starts the play each time by passing back into the midfielder who returns the ball in a one-two
    2. The central pivot decides to pass to either the player on his left or right

    3. On the pass by the central pivot the player who didn’t receive the ball must move quickly to try and defend the goal and block a shot
    4. The defending player can block the shot by being aware and moving quickly once the pivot
    has passed

    5. Here the pivot links well and the attackers fool the blocking player and score
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