Play off your forward

This session improves the relationship between midfielders and the centre forward. Midfielders learn how to create space for a forward to receive a pass and then get into scoring positions themselves.

Set up

Three teams of three on a 40×22-yard pitch divided into 5, 20 and 15-yard zones. Team 1: Two centre backs and a centre forward. Team 2: Three midfielders. Team 3: Three defenders. Place two mannequins/poles 15 yards from a manned fullsized goal with a mini-goal on the 5-yard line.

How to play it

The centre backs start with the ball in the 5-yard zone. They look to pass to the centre forward. The midfielders run to create space then play a wall pass with the forward, dribble into the 15-yard zone and shoot. The defenders look to prevent the through ball, regain possession and score in the mini goal. If a midfielder scores, they attack again. If the defence scores, switch roles.


• Movement off the ball to create space.
• Accurate passing forward.
• Controlled wall pass from centre forward to midfielder.
• Control, dribble and shot in two touches.

1. The centrebacks start the game

2. Midfielders must use the centrebacks to get the ball to the forward
3. The forward plays a one-two with the midfielder

4. The midfielder controls and pushes the ball in front setting up for a shot
5. The midfielder shoots at goal

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