Positional game with attacking movement

This session is all about build up play, keeping possession to pass into key attackers getting players to pass to the players safe side away from their markers. Youth players will also learn the why, when and how of attacking and defending play.

Set up

The first part of the session uses and area 20 x 30 yards split into two 20 x 15 yard areas. The game uses half the pitch with the wings coned off. We used 10 players in the session.

How to play it

In the first part of the session you need two teams of 5 players – start with one team in each half. Pass a ball to one of the teams and the other team sends 2 players in to press and try to win the ball. The possession team needs 10 passes to score, if the ball is won it must be passed back to the three waiting team mates and the other team sends in two players to press.
In the game separate the 10 players into two attackers, two wingers, two defenders, two feeder players who are also the get out for the defenders and use two goalkeepers taking turns in goal. The feeder players are boxed by the half way line and pass into the two attacker who are 2v2 against the defenders. The wide players are 2 touch to cross. If he defenders win the ball they either try to score in the mini goals or pass to the feeder players.


When to pass forward, movement, passing lines. When crossing how do you know where to cross? What allows you to do this? How should you attack the cross? Which areas are vital to defend? How do you work as a pair of defenders? ABCs, communication on the pass, creating passing lines, strikers on different movements to goal. Defenders press and cover, defend front post and block crosses.

1. One team keeps the ball and can score a goal by making 10 passes, the other team tries to press and win the ball

2. If the defending team wins the ball they must secure it by passing to their three team mates and they will try to make 10 passes while the team that has lost the ball sends two players to win it back

3. In this game the blue feeder players pass into the blue attackers who go 2v2 against the defenders in the central area with two-touch wingers to cross the ball in making the whole game 4v2 in favour of attack
4. The defenders must try to intercept passes and block crosses

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