Possession and movement

This session is all about possession and movement from a team, moving the ball from back to front with purpose and controlled possession. It’s not just about having the ball it’s what you do with it.

Why use it

If you keep hold of the ball you have more chance of doing something productive with it and scoring more goals

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and four target goals. Work is in two areas with the warm up in 25×25 yards and the game 40×40 yards. We used 12 players in the session

How to do it

In the warm up area mark out 8-yard gates with cones on each of the four sides. Divide your players into three teams of four, starting with a 4v4 played in the central area. The third team play as floaters and are positioned with one player in each of the four gates outside the area. The objective of the warm-up is for teams to keep hold of the ball by passing it between themselves and also using the support of the four outer players. In the small sided game To score, the team in possession has to run the ball under control into any of the corner goals. The team starting with the ball is able to attack any corner initially, but you can progress the session so that after scoring in a corner that team can next only attack the remaining corners. Play each game for five minutes with two minutes of recovery.


This is all about running, turning and getting in the way of your opponent if she is quicker than you!

Keep possession overload

    1. There are three teams of four players, with one team positioned on the outside between the gate
    2. Playing 4v4 in the area, the aim is to keep possession using the support of the outside players
    3. Off the ball movement is key to creating space for a teammate to pass into

Keep possession overload

    4. Now play a small sided game with goals on each corner – one team keeps possession to score and the other presses

5. To score, a player has to run or play the ball under control into any corner goal. To progress, you can instruct teams that they cannot score in the same corner twice

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