Quick thinkers

Youth players will often make a pass into the final third but do not support the pass by running into the penalty area. This session encourages movement to get into dangerous attacking positions.

Set up

Set up a 60×40-yard area divided into three equal zones, with the central zone divided in half. We’ve used 14 players in this session including keepers. You need balls, bibs, cones and your normal size of goals.

How to play

Split your players into two equal teams of seven players. There is a 2v2 in each end zone and players stay in their zone. In the central area are two players in each half of the zone – they start the attacks. One player must pass in to an attacker and then follow up the pass by creating a 3v2 overload in attack. At the same time they must try to block the opposition passing players. If the player who started the move scores it counts double.


This game encourages clever and inventive play in attack, both as an individual and as a team, and it requires a range of passing skills. Communication is essential between the passer and the other attacking players.

Creating goal scoring chances

    1. Both teams have a ball and the centre players attack the furthest goal from their zone – the centre players play one touch
    2. Players must look for opportunities to pass the ball as well as block their opponents’ passes

Passing and support

    3. When a pass has been made successfully, that player is released to support the play and try to score
    4. Movement by the support players is vital to capitalise on the 3v2 attacking overload

    5. If the player who started the move scores, the goal counts double. If any other player scores, it counts as normal
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