Rapid forward breaks

Use this session to train your players to make darting runs behind the defence in order to pick up the ball and score goals. Rapid forward breaks put your team on the front foot when they are attacking. Getting them to split the defence gives them a better chance to score.

Set up

Set up an area of 40×25 yards, with a goal at one end and a 10×10-yard box at the other. We’ve used nine players in this session, including a keeper. You need bibs, balls, cones and a full-size goal.

How to play it

Split the players into teams of four, plus a keeper. The passing team has a ball in the 10-yard square and must make 10 passes to score. The opposition players take turns to enter the box and force a mistake. Once the mistake has been forced, the player breaks out of the area and receives a ball from the coach, with one touch to control and one to shoot.


Although the game is weighted in favour of the passing team, they are under pressure to make 10 passes, which is not easy in the space. When the pressing player forces the mistake he must show good stamina and technique to receive the ball from the coach and finish.

1. The coach is positioned standing next to the goal with a number of balls next to him
2. The loan defender enters the 10-yard box and tries to force a mistake from the passing team. He does this by touching the ball or forcing a misplaced pass

3. When the mistake happens the pressing player is released and runs towards the goal at the far end, like an attacker getting beyond the defence
4. The coach serves a pass and the attacking player has one touch to control and one to shoot

5. Where the coach passes the ball to is important. Here he puts it in an easy position so the player doesn’t need an extra touch. The coach can make it easier or harder depending on the type and position of the pass

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