Return to play: gale force goals

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Pass, turn, shoot then move quickly to get back into position – this session works your players to get to the ball first and shoot quickly.

Why use it

On match days it is always great to be given the role of attacking midfielder but players must be up to the task – this session will give them a good workout for scoring goals.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and a goal. Use half your normal pitch for the session. Set up four cones 5 yards from the half way line spread out across the pitch, with one cone in the penalty D and two cones on the six yard line.

How to do it

You need a server, a goalkeeper and a working striker. The server passes into the feet of the striker who takes a touch to move the ball turn and shoot through the two cones. Then runs and touches a cone and returns to get the next ball. Once all four cones have been touched switch the players around and see who scores the most from four goes. Add a defender to put pressure on the striker.


First touch to get the ball from under their feet is important for the striker. Good shooting technique to shoot through the cones.

Gale Force Goals

    1. A server passes the ball each time into the striker who has his back to goal
    2. The striker must take a touch and turn and shoot making sure the shot goes through the cones on the six yard line

Gale Force Goals

    3. If the shot misses going through the cones it doesn’t count as a goal
    4. When the striker shoots he then runs to touch a cone and returns to shoot the next ball.

Beat the defender

    5. Add a defender to make it harder to score who can press but not tackle the attacker
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