Round off football training with multi ball game

This is a great game to end one of your football (soccer) training sessions. I often use it with my U9s team when they have been training hard. Your players won’t know there’s a coaching element to this game and will be learning without realising it. Another bonus is your training session will end on a high note.


Expect to see lots of 1v1 situations in this game. But as the number of balls decrease, these will become more random because players can then link up to create 2v2 or 2v4 scenarios.

Players will learn how to attack and defend different goals. They will also have to use communication, decision-making and teamwork skills as the game progresses from individual to multi-player situations.

Set up multi-balls game

  • Set this game up in a 30 yards by 30 yards square.
  • You need six target goals (mini goals or cones will do), and a lot of balls.

Multi-balls game to round off football training sessions

How to play the multi-balls game

  • On your whistle, the attackers get a ball each and try to score in one of the goals. After each shot, the attackers return to the middle of the playing area to get another ball.
  • Once all the balls have been played, the number of balls in the goals should be counted, then the roles reversed. If you are using cones for goals, get a couple of parents or helpers to keep the score.

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