Score from close range

Scoring from close range isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Try running this session to get your attackers taking shooting opportunities in the penalty area.

Why use it

The idea is to improve an attacker’s movement and for them to take opportunities to shoot from close range, and for defensive players to make overloads to support attacks. The session covers all the attributes of a good attacker: decision-making, movement and technique.

Set up

Use an area of 40×30 yards split into two zones. We’ve used 14 players. Each team has a keeper, two defenders, two attackers and two support players.
Play 2v2 in each zone. Players must stay in their zones but link up with their team-mates to create an opportunity in the attacking zone. The attacking team can release a defender into the opposition zone once they have the ball in that zone, making a 3v2 overload to the attackers. This leaves the team short at the back but one of the support players can enter the zone from behind the goal to get it back to 2v2. Players go back once the move is over.


The nearer to the goal a player gets, the harder clear shooting opportunities become, meaning that taking chances to score is vital. Hitting the target is important.


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