Score from crosses

When your players get the ball into an attacking position they need to finish it off. This exercise helps them do that – it needs good communication, accurate passing and a good finish.

Why use it

Use this crossing and finishing exercise to emphasise the importance of getting the end shot on target. Never mind the power of the shot, get it on target and let the opposition goalkeeper do their best to stop it. In youth games a shot on target will cause enough problems without players needing to sacrifice accuracy to put power behind the shot..

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and a normal goal. Use half a pitch and set up three cones, A, B and C, in a triangle with around 5 yards between cones.

How to do it

> With accurate, sharp passing player A passes to player B who passes to player C.
> Player C must then split A and B with a pass for player A to run on to.
> Player A dribbles down the wing, while player B turns and runs to the far post and player C to the near post.
> Player A crosses the ball for B and C to attack.


Key points are:
> Accuracy of the shot – get it on target.
> Quality of the pass and cross.
> Timing of the runs by the attackers.

Build up play

    1. This exercise should be played at speed. Player A passes to B who passes to C. C plays a pass to A who is on the run…
    2. …towards goal where A crosses for B and C to finish
    3. The pass from player C is crucial to the success of the session especially in a match when defenders will pick up any loose balls

    4. The winger should be dribbling the ball and looking to see where the attackers are timing the cross to perfection
    5. The attacking players must communicate and time their moves so they arrive at the near and far posts at the same time as the ball is crossed in.
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