Score or react

Using this session you can coach your midfielders to score more goals. To make your attacking midfielders effective in front of goal you need to get them to shoot at every opportunity. This session is about scoring and reacting, beating a keeper or getting past a defender.

Set up

Use half your pitch. We’ve used 11 players. Use a normal sized goal at one end and two target goals at the other. You will need plenty of balls, cones, two target goals and a normal sized goal.

How to play it

Put a goalkeeper in goal and create two teams of four. Position one team in two lines of two players between the target goals, while the other team has two players on either side of the main goal.
The players at the end with the target goals take turns to run to the cones, shoot and then defend against a player attacking the small goals. Swap roles after each player has taken a turn and see who has the most goals when every player has had a turn.


This has a lot of shooting action with players going up against a keeper and with options to shoot in two goals against a defender. Players should win the 1v1s with the two goal option but both tests are difficult and help you to create an attacking midfielder who can run with the ball.

    1. Players line up in pairs ready to run up to the cones and shoot against a goalkeeper
    2.The second he has taken his shot, he must go across and defend the target goals against the opposition team

    3. The player dribbles and has to try and get past the defender to score in one of the two goals
    4. Here the player feints to go one way but goes the other and runs to score in the far target goal

    5. Once all the players have taken a turn and returned to their starting place you should swap the teams over so they attack different goals
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