Sharp shooter

This session combines key attacking elements of passing, shooting and crossing. It moves quickly and positively and ensures players use both feet. Having players who can link up instinctively in the final third is a great advantage at any level, and this practice will get them thinking on their feet.

How to play it

Set up as shown in the first diagram. Player 1 plays a one-two with player 3 (the wall player), then shoots first time at the left-hand goal. Immediately, 3 sprints towards player 4, who crosses the ball for him to finish in the right-hand goal. Now the practice develops from the other side in the same way, with players 2 and 5 the sharp shooters. After each sequence, the player who takes the first shot becomes the wall player, the second shooter becomes the crosser, and the crosser joins the waiting group on his side.

Technique and tactics

This session relies on accuracy of passes and crosses to create good shooting opportunities. And players who shoot should concentrate on precision before power, with low shots into the corners of goals being preferable. Attackers must time their runs well for the one-two and the cross, and communication between all players is essential.

How to develop it

Now bring in a defender to track the runs made by players finishing from crosses. This means the attacker must now focus on the timing and angle of his run, being first to the cross, whilst also positioning his body between the defender and the ball. The crosser’s delivery to the striker should be aimed at the foot farthest from the defender.

1. Player 1 makes a one-two pass with player 3 and shoots

2. Player 3 progresses forward to fire in a cross from player 4 as player 1 becomes the wall passer

3. Player 3 becomes the crosser while 4 moves to the back of the line at the bottom as the drill is run from the other side

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