Shoot from outside the box

This session improves shooting technique and gives players confidence to shoot from outside the penalty area. It helps players to see an opportunity and take it with a shot from long range. Some players will be able to do it straight away but others will take time – put accuracy over power when they first try.

Set up

Mark out a zone in front of the penalty area using the width of the area x 10 yards. We’ve used 12 players including a keeper.

How to play it

Start with player A playing a one-two with player B, who moves off his cone to receive the ball, before passing to C, who plays the ball to the oncoming player D, who shoots. Allow the shooting phase to finish before the next one starts and ensure the keeper has time to get ready after each shot. In the progression add cones that players must dribble through before shooting.


This is great to work on an individual and partnership skills. It gives the shooting players time and space to build the confidence to control the ball and shoot with both feet, and it also works on their ability to get the ball out from under their feet to hit a good shot. It also looks at shooting across the keeper when at approaching at angles.

Shoot from distance

    1. The session starts with a one-two from player A to player B, who then passes to one of the two central players
    2. Player D plays a pass for player C to run on to and he shoots at goal. After the shot, they run to the back of the opposite queue and in turn experience the other central role

dribble and shoot

    3. To progress the session add two cones but this time the shooting players will be required to dribble around the cones before taking a shot

Dribble and shoot

    4. Split the shooting players into three groups. Run the same drill but this time player A chooses which of the three shooting players to pass to
    5. The shooting player who received the ball must dribble around the discs and then shoot. Encourage players to shoot from various angles and with both feet
    6. One player from each of the other groups may decide to follow in for any rebounds
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