Shoot from wide angles

Shooting from wide angles is all about accuracy, confidence and skill. Young players are often scared to try shooting from outside the box, but this session will give them the confidence to try outrageous shots.

Set up

Set up a 20×20-yard area, with a goal at each end and a cone 15 yards from the goal at the side of the pitch. In the progression we’ve added goalkeepers to make it harder for the scorers. We’ve used 10 players in this session. You need bibs, balls, cones and two normal goals.

How to play it

Split your players into two equal groups. The group at the top of the pitch run with the ball first and when they get past the cone they shoot into the empty net. Immediately the other team does the same. Once each player has shot they must run across and defend against their opposite number. The position of the cone is vital to the session – move it so the players shoot from different places.


This is all about fast movement, dribbling the ball into a position where the player can get an accurate shot away before the defender can get across. Players should try to strike the ball with their laces to get power and accuracy.

1. The first player starts by dribbling to the cone and shooting
2. Immediately the shot comes in the second team go, and the first player runs across to defend against him

3. Move the cone so that the players have longer shots and must move quicker to cover more ground – the cones can be different distances on each side
4. Here the attacker has been too slow and the defender has got across and blocked the ball

5. Add goalkeepers to make it harder for the attackers so they have to hit a more accurate shot to beat him

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