Shoot on sight

Use this great game to encourage your players to react immediately and take a first-time shot when given presented with a goal scoring opportunity. This session encourages players to shoot with their first touch. Shooting chances may only be there for a split second and young players miss the opportunity while moving the ball from one foot to the other or by passing when a shot would be the best option. This game helps with their decision-making in front of goal.

Set up

Set up a 40×30-yard area split into two end zones of 10 yards and a middle zone of 20 yards. We’re playing 3v3 in the middle zone, plus a neutral player. Each end zone has an unopposed attacker and a keeper. You need balls, bibs, cones and goals.

How to play it

Play a normal game. There is an overload in the middle zone for the attacking team, who use the neutral player. The ball must be played into the attacker, who sets up a one-touch shot for a team-mate. The other players cannot go in the end zones until the attacker touches the ball. Give the attackers one or two touches.


Players have one touch to shoot from the attacker’s set up, so both the attacker and the shooter have to be on the same wavelength and the pass and the shot must be accurate.

1. The neutral player only plays for the attacking team, creating an overload to exploit attacking situations
2. The other players can only go into the end zones when the lone striker plays the ball

3. Fast link-up play forces the lone striker to make quick decisions so the advancing attackers must communicate their positions
4.Movement in the middle zone is vital to creating space for the attacking team to exploit

5. The lone striker spots an opportunity on the far side and crosses the ball for a first time shot

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