Soccer attack drill for the way players are facing

Attackers don’t always need to try to turn and beat defenders when they get the ball with their back to goal. A good tip is to get your players varying their tactics. Follow this soccer drill for an alternative approach.

Drill tips

Sometimes your players need to vary their attacks by moving towards the passer and simply passing the ball back into the midfield and turning and running beyond the defender.

Use this opportunity as a second chance to get into a better position. When the ball is passed back, the player can then get into an attacking position ready to receive the ball facing the goal.

It’s a simple way to play and one you can easily coach your players.

Set up this soccer drill using half of your normal pitch.

You need two attackers, three defenders and a goalkeeper. The two attackers play in front of the defence and try to pull them forward out of position to create space behind them. Obviously because the defenders know what is going to happen they will be less likely to move towards the attacker, but their natural instinct will be to do just that, so they will be on the back foot when the through pass is made.

image shows drill with attacker who has back to goal kicking to team mate
Start the drill with the two attackers facing each other.

  • The first pass is into the attacker’s feet nearest the goal.
  • They pass back, then turn and run into the penalty area.
  • The third pass is between the defenders and will be a race between attacker defender and goalkeeper.

Your goalkeeper may choose to stay on the line, or move quickly to smother the ball.

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