Soccer coaching drill to exploit overload situations

Creating overloads is a great way to replicate match-like situations as your soccer (football) players are forced into making decisions. Using overloads in soccer training sessions allows your players to practise dealing with having one extra player, or one fewer, and helps prepare them for match days.
In this soccer coaching drill, the target man stays in place to help the defenders launch a counter-attack and benefit from a 3v2 overload.

Soccer coaching drill to practise overload situation

How to run soccer coaching overload session

  • The players are divided into two teams. Each team selects a forward who is always on the pitch. The remaining players are divided into pairs.
  • The team in the black kit attacks in a 3v2 situation.
  • Once the attack is completed, the two defenders in the white kit make a counter attack to the opposite goal. Now this team can combine with their forward for a 3v2 situation against two new defenders.

How to rotate the soccer drill

Each time the defenders break out to counter-attack, two new players must take up their positions.

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