Soccer coaching game for switching play

When one side of the pitch is blocked by the opposition it is vital to “switch play” and move the attack to the opposite side of the field. A switch of play is used to create space to attack on the wings and may involve a 1v1 or 2v1 situation on that side of the pitch.

How to set it up

Create a 30-yard square area and a 60 yards long by 40 yards wide area.


What you get your players to do

Split the soccer group into three teams with three players in each.

Working unopposed, a player receives the ball from a team mate on the outside of the square. He switches the ball to the third team mate on the opposite side and runs to queue behind him.

The player on the far side gives the ball to the first player who has now entered the pitch. The players must avoid each other in the centre.

Work for two minutes on each of the following techniques.

  • Dribble to switch.
  • Low driven pass to switch.
  • High lofted pass to switch.
  • Combine with a team mate to switch.

How to develop it

Split the group into three teams. The outside team are targets, the other two teams play a possession game in the centre of the pitch.

Whoever has possession of the ball switches it to a player on the outside, who must make a switch to another player on his team before the ball is passed back into the centre.

This forces the two teams in possession to make quick switches of play and then run to support the player in possession.

Put it into a game situation

Play a small-sided game in which each team has two wide players. Before you can score a goal, the ball must be switched out to one of the wide players. The wide player dribbles the ball forward on the outside to cross or dribbles on to the pitch for a 1v1 situation.

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