Soccer coaching session for a 1v1 finishing circuit

The emphasis in this session is on movement with the ball and shooting in the three different attacking moments. It’s a good session to get your attackers really having a go at dribbling then firing in a shot. The first shot is unchallenged then play advances with a defender to beat.

Set up an area 40 yards long by 30 yards wide and use three cones for the different stations and two goals.

You can use as many players as you want in this exercise, but you need at least one at each station and a couple of goalkeepers. In this example, eight outfield players and two goalkeepers have been used.


Station 1

The attacker has three touches to dribble and score against the keeper.

Station 2

The defender passes to the attacker and then attempts to recover. The attacker quickly dribbles towards goal and attempts to score.

Station 3

The defender passes to the attacker and then attempts to stop him scoring. The attacker must show disguise and attempt to dribble and score in either of the goals.

After each turn, the players move to the next station.

This article is taken from Soccer Attack!

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