Soccer coaching session to improve full backs attacking skills

For years Brazilian national teams have played with attacking full backs who make forward runs to join the team’s attack. This style of play is exciting to watch and adds to the chances of scoring goals. Use this session to help improve your full backs’ attacking skills.

How to set it up

  • Use half of your normal-size pitch and use a goalkeeper and four defenders as defence.
  • Use two centre forwards, two wingers and two queues of full backs as attack, as in the top picture.


How to play it

  • The first full back passes to the wide player and runs behind him to create a 2v1 situation against the opposition full back.
  • The aim for the wide player and full back is to work together and get a cross into the box for the two attackers to score against the defenders and goalkeeper.
  • The attacks alternate from the left to the right of the pitch.
  • The full back becomes the next wide player and wide players go to the back of the line of full backs.
  • After a short time period, change the four defenders and the two centre forwards.

How to develop it

  • Use three teams each consisting of four players.
  • Set up two goals in a playing area as in the bottom picture.
  • Two teams play the game but the third team provides full backs for attacks.
  • The game lasts for four balls (each team has two attacks with additional full backs). The starting team begins the attack from its goalkeeper and uses two full backs from the third team to create a 6v4 situation, the two full backs enter the pitch from the goal line.
  • When the ball leaves play or a goal is scored, the two full backs go off the end of the pitch and wait by the opposite goal.
  • The starting team now has a second attack with two new full backs.
  • After the second attack concludes, the opposite team has two attacks with the extra full backs.
  • Swap teams around so everyone is a full back at some point.

This session is from the soccer Smart Sessions.

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Dave Clarke

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