Soccer coaching tips to get a counter attack with a through ball

Coaching players to win the ball off the attacking team, then go straight up the other end to score can be very effective in youth soccer coaching. Use these soccer coaching drill tips to help.

Release a quick through ball

In soccer, a team on the attack is at its most vulnerable when they lose the ball. This is especially so in youth 7-a-side games.

Your team may have been defending against a strong side, the team commits more and more players into attack and suddenly your goalkeeper releases a quick through ball to your attacker and seconds later your team are one-nil up.

Win it from a corner and play it quickly

Coaching the win-it-from-a-corner tactics in your soccer drills can be very effective (Counter attack soccer coaching tips). The corner may be quickly played out by your goalkeeper or a player and your attacker is ready, lurking, waiting to pounce.

Speed is the soccer coaching key to attacks

The key to a counter attack is the speed of play – if you look at the diagram you can see how, with players committed to attack, a quick pass down the middle can release your player.

If you coach your players to be ready to take advantage of these situations, you can catch the opposition off guard. The opportunity is seized on and the team that was attacking is vulnerable, as they have only a few players back defending. The counter attack is one of the most exciting skills in soccer.
Key soccer coaching points

  • All your soccer players need to think quickly. You must prepare them during soccer (football) drill coaching to play the ball swiftly forward.
  • Tell your players to hit the space up front with the ball – the attacker will do the rest.

Soccer coaching drill tips for counter attack skills

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