Soccer drill to coach attacking and counter attacking skills

In this soccer (football) drill you can load the attack or defence so your players can practise basic attacking and counter attacking football skills. This soccer drill can be used for all ages.

Basic soccer drill to practise attacking and counter attacking

Set up strikers’ drill

  • Mark a zone, 30 x 40m, in one half of the pitch.
  • Use a full-size pitch for U10s and above, small pitch for the younger ages.
  • You need to run a lot of different combinations in this soccer (football) drill.

How to run the drill

  • In the diagram you are playing three attackers versus five defenders in the marked zone.
  • You need to change the combinations depending on age or how good your attackers are.
  • Using the strikers’ drill with 3v5 is an advanced situation – if you are just starting out you may want to play 2v2 or even two attackers versus one defender to give your attackers a good chance to pass and score.
  • The coach passes the ball into the goalkeeper, then the defenders, then the attackers.
  • When you pass to the goalkeeper, he picks the ball up and must distribute to the defenders who are under pressure from the attackers.
  • The defenders must advance out of the area – the attackers must win or keep the ball and create a goal-scoring opportunity.

What to look out for in this soccer drill

You are looking for quick, attacking soccer passing from your three attackers and counter-attacking from the five defenders. In this soccer drill the five defenders should be winning the ball and moving into a counter-attacking situation.

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