Soccer drill to get attackers reacting

Reacting swiftly is a vital part of any attacker’s skill, especially when faced with different problems to solve in order to create goal scoring chances. The ball will be passed to the attacker and they might have to pass, dribble or shoot, depending on the scenario that opens up in front of them.

You can create different scenarios by using this soccer (football) drill, where the attacker has to react to a pass by using receiving, passing, dribbling and shooting skills.

You need a 30 yards by 30 yards area to set up the soccer drill, two cones and a goal. I use three players on the cone, a forward and a goalkeeper, but you can change the numbers involved.

Soccer (football) drill which aims to get attacker reacting to a pass using passing, dribbling or shooting skills

Player movement bar

How to run the soccer drill

  • The starting player passes to the forward and runs to receive a lay off.
  • The starting player shoots at goal. Immediately after laying the pass off, the forward must react and receive another ball from you.
  • The forward now attempts to dribble and score, while the starting player must react and try to stop him.

How to rotate the drill positions

  • The starting player becomes the forward.
  • The forward joins the back of the queue.

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