Soccer drill to help attackers turn and shoot

Young attackers often find it difficult to turn and shoot when they receive the ball with their back to goal, because they are unsure of where it is and what’s behind them. This versatile soccer drill will make them aware of the goal and where they have to turn, so they can shoot effectively.

What you need to do when you are coaching attackers is to make it second nature for them to be able to receive the ball and turn immediately. This means they need to be aware of their position on the pitch in relation to the goal at all times.

This is a great soccer drill to work on these skills and it can be extended to include other elements, such as lobbing the goalkeeper, or you can make it easier by not having a goalkeeper.

Two goal set for soccer drill to make attackers more aware of goal and turning to shoot


Set up the drill

  • You need to use half of the pitch for this drill – whichever size you play on.
  • Run two shooting drill sessions at the same time, using the two goal set-up in the diagram so your players are getting more time on the ball.
  • The player at the front of the queue on each side plays the ball into an attacker positioned side-on to the passer and with their back to goal.
  • The attacking player lets the ball roll across their body, takes one-touch to play the ball into position before turning and shooting with their other foot.
  • The attackers shoot to score by hitting the corners of the goal. Repeat the soccer drill for each player.

How to advance the drill

  • You can add a defender to close down and pressure the attacking player.
  • Tell your attacking player they must play the ball with both feet – one to control and one to shoot.
  • Instead of a first time shot, get your attackers to run one-on-one with the goalkeeper and try to score.

Change the drill so they have to lob the goalkeeper

Get your goalkeepers to stand a yard off their line and tell your attackers they have to turn with the ball and try to lob the goalkeeper. This makes it harder for your attackers to score.

Key soccer coaching tips:

  • Tell your players that each part of the soccer drill is important – concentrate on passing a good ball to the attacker so they can control it easier and concentrate on the turn and quality of the shot whether they are trying to lob the goalkeeper or drive it low into the corner of the net.
  • Highlight the turn to your attackers. Show them how it must be done, and stop the drill if they are not doing it right. You can use one of your more skilful players to show the others, if you cannot do it yourself!
  • Tell them they must be quick so that in a match they can create a shooting opportunity.
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