Soccer drill to help central players defend or attack

This soccer coaching drill session has four quickfire attacks to teach the central players in your team how to adjust their positions to defend and attack different situations.
Each attack gives the individual players and team different problems to solve using soccer skills and technique and movement to defend and attack:

  • Can the wide players lay the ball off with the correct weight so that crossers can make a first-time pass?
  • Do the defenders quickly get out to the poles after each attack?
  • Do the attackers follow, or are they caught offside?

Soccer coaching drill session with quickfire attacks

Run the soccer drill

Two players are nominated as attackers, two as defenders. The other four players are used as crossers/dribblers with the soccer (football) coach working as a passer on ball 3.

  • Ball 1 – the deep central player uses his dribbling skills to make a 3v2 situation.
  • Ball 2 – the deep wide player passes to the near player and makes an overlap run to cross from the right.
  • Ball 3 – the coach passes to the crosser, who must create space to make an inswinging or outswinging cross from the left.
  • Ball 4 – the crosser from ball two is now on the inside cone. The passer has retrieved a new ball and now plays a one–two in order to cross.
  • Rotate the players after each drill round.

Key soccer coaching tip

Introduce awareness of the offside law by making the defenders run out to the two poles after each ball is played. The attackers will need to follow them if they are to stay onside.

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