Support the striker

Possession, passing and support is vital to creating the chances that give your team the opportunity to score more goals. This is build up play to shooting at goal. Being in control of the ball as a team and building up play with passing and support is the way teams should be creating chances to score goals.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and a goal, in an area 30 x 20 yards wide. We used 7 players in the session.

How to play it

Set the players up so there are four working players in a diamond formation on one side of the area and a goal in the far corner. You can play this game simply so that player 1 passes to 2 who passes to 3 and then 3 passes to 4 who dribbles and shoots. Or play it a bit more complicated – player 1 passes to 2 who sets back to 1 to pass to player 3. Player 3 sets back to 2 who passes to player 4 to dribble and shoot. Each time the players move one place and a new player joins.


Coach players to receive the ball on their back foot and pass with that foot. Strikers should take a touch out from their feet before shooting .

    1.This is a simple circuit with play starting at player one – look for crisp passing and good first touch
    2. Player 4 dribbles to the shooting line and must shoot before crossing that line

    3. This is a more complex set up with players passing forwards from player 1 to 2 who passes back
    4. Player 1 now passes to player three who passes back to 2 who in turn passes to player 4

    5. Here we have made one player a defender who the dribbler must beat in a 1v1 before shooting
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