Surprise package

This is all about using skills around the penalty area to take defenders by surprise and create goalscoring opportunities. It uses quick combinations but relies on individual excellence and it’s great for development of ball mastery.

Set up

Use half of your usual pitch. We’ve used seven players. You need balls, bibs, cones and a normal sized goal.

How to play it

The attacker takes the ball through a chicane of cones and drives towards the first defender before passing to the server. The defenders cannot move until the server has touched the ball.
The server plays a quick return pass and the first defender tries to catch the attacker, while the second defender closes down the attacker. Once the shot has been taken the attacker swaps with the first defender; the first defender swaps with the second defender; and the second defender swaps with the server, who goes to the attacking line up.


This is all about creating 1v1s at pace so that everything is game realistic. There are different skills to use and when the attacker gets to the final phase, he can try something clever to create space for a shot.

    1. The attacker starts by dribbling the ball at speed through the chicane of cones
    2. A pass is made to the server, who must play it back quickly. The defenders are released on his touch

    3. Now the attacker has one defender behind and one in front and must move quickly to create a chance
    4. He must try something unexpected to get past the defender and shoot at goal

    5. Once the shot has been taken players quickly swap roles and the next player gets ready to go
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