Swap attackers

This is a great session to help players understand movement in and around the attacking third of the pitch, creating space and goalscoring opportunities.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Use an area 35 x 20 yards with a 10 yard zone and a goal at each end. We used 10 players in the session.

How to play it

Split your players into two teams of 4. In the centre zone play a 3v3 with 1 attacker in each end zone. The way to score is to pass to the player in the end zone who cannot score but he passes to a team mate but must exit the end zone before the team mate can score. The player who passed to the attacker in the end zone is the only one who can score in that move. Switch the players in the end zones every 2 minutes.


Players must be able to receive and pass quickly with good technique but also move quickly so the rules of players in zones are not broken.

    1. The game starts with one of the goalkeepers passing out into his teammates in the centre zone.
    2. In the 3v3 teams must keep the ball and try to pass into their attacker in the centre zone

    3. The player who passes into the attacker in the end zone must move quickly to be open to the return pass
    4. The receiving attacker in the end zone must pass back to his team mate and get out of the end zone quickly or the goal will not count

    5. This is the perfect move in the game with players moving and keeping possession before releasing the ball to the player in the end zone who sets up a goal
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