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Use this session to encourage your team to switch play in order to keep the opposition defenders unbalanced and to create attacking opportunities

Changing the direction of play requires players to scan the field, control the ball with an open body position and play passes in a different direction from where they received it. This session gets players to adopt the correct body position, enabling them to make quick switches and open up space to attack.

Set up

Use a 40×30-yard area with four corner grids. We’ve used 12 players. You will need cones, bibs and balls.

How to play it

Split players into two teams of six. Two players from each team go into the boxes in the corners of the pitch. They should be on opposite corners on the long side of the pitch. In the centre is a 4v4. The coach plays a ball in and teams must keep possession and try to switch play between their team-mates in the grids in sequence. A successful pass between squares wins a point – the player who makes the scoring pass swaps with the player in the grid.


This session is good for passing and receiving, movement, and to make players aware of opportunities for fast switches of play.

    1. The session starts with a pass from the coach. If balls go out of play the restart is from the coach
    2. Teams score by getting the ball from a team-mate in one square to a team-mate in the other

    3. In the 4v4 the players must use good body position so they can see both squares and the ball
    4. When a player passes to his team mate in a square they swap positions

    5. Here the opposition win the ball and quickly switch play to score a point for their team
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