Switch suppliers – Practice 1


This three-part practice develops teams’ ability and awareness to switch the play.


Set up an area relative to the age and ability of your players. Mark out three zones, the central zone should be shorter than the end zones. Divide players into three teams.


Blues start in possession and aim to switch to Reds. Whites start in the middle zone trying to intercept. The ball cannot go over head height and teams must play at least one pass in their own half before switching, to allow the defending team to recover. For every three passes Blues play, one White player can enter the Blues’ zone to press. Once Blues have switched to Reds, Whites re-enter the middle zone and attempt to prevent Reds switching back. If Whites win possession they swap with the team that lost it.


In possession: Use full width and depth of area; ball speed must be quick or defenders will be able to shift across; decision-making on when to switch – pressure will increase as more defenders enter; create angles between defenders to receive. Out of possession: Angle of approach when pressing; communication; defend narrow – leave the furthest player; cut of passing lines.

1. Blues start with the ball and look to pass to the Reds, without the Whites in the middle zone intercepting

2. For every three passes the Blues play, a White player can enter the Blues’ zone to press the ball

3. Once the Blues have switched to the Reds, the Whites re-enter the middle zone and attempt to prevent the Reds switching back to the Blues

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