Tales of the unexpected

A fun shooting game with aim of setting your attackers up for the chance to hit long-range shots at goal so they can catch the opposition out.

Set up

Set up a 20×20 yard area with goals at each end. We used 12 players. You need balls, bibs, cones and goals.

How to play it

Play a 5v5 plus keepers with three players from each team in the defending half and two players in the attacking half, so it’s a 3v2 in each half.
The game starts with a pass out from the keeper to a team-mate in the same half. Players can only score from their own half but the ball must go to a team-mate in the opposition half, who sets the ball back for a shot at goal. Try to get players using a first-time shot. The size of the pitch is vital to success but don’t make it too small or it will be too easy.


Long-range shooting should be done with the laces but allow players to experiment with side-footed shots to see if they can generate enough power and accuracy to shoot that way. Ronaldo and David Luiz, for instance, have their own techniques for long-range shooting.

Shoot from distance

    1. The game starts with a pass out from the goalkeeper and the players combine to get the ball to a team-mate in the attacking half
    2. Teams can only score from their own half once it has been into the opposition half ¬– they cannot score from the opposition half

Shoot from half way

    3. Here the opposition wins the ball from a bad pass and quickly sets up a pass into, and back from, the opposition half
    4. By creating a bit of space the player can take a first-time shot to catch the goalkeeper out

Create space to shoot

    5. Here the player sets up a spectacular shot from out wide to score past the goalkeeper
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