The fourth dimension

If you want to score more goals, use this activity to teach your players to develop solid midfield passing and to attack with the help of wide midfielders.

It incorporates the technical and tactical concepts of possession, while getting to the functions in attack of the wide midfielders.

Set up

Using your normal pitch set up a 40×30-yard grid in the middle third. In that area four midfielders will play against three opponents, plus two neutral players on the sides. In the final third you need three defenders against two forwards.

How to play it

Play 4v3 in the grid. Use unlimited touches at first and then add a touch restriction. The neutrals play two- touch from the start. Once all four midfielders have touched the ball the team can link with the forwards in the final third, scoring two points for a goal.
When the ball leaves the gird, two midfielders join the forwards for a 4v4 in attack. If the team of four lose the ball in the grid, they must win it back; if they lose it outside the grid, they must retreat. If the white defenders gain the ball they pass to their midfielders in the grid to score a point.


It develops both long and short passing and receiving and helps with good team shape to keep possession. It also encourages the ability to split defenders.

    1. Starting from the coach, the ball is played to the four red players in the grid, who must all touch the ball before passing into the final third
    2. The red players in the grid should use the blue neutral players to help them create the space to pass the ball to the forwards

    3.When the attackers receive the ball they must look to find gaps between the three defenders and try to get in behind

    4. Here good combination using the wide neutral players has created space for the reds to feed the ball to their forwards
    5. The red players in the grid must anticipate when the last midfielder will touch the ball so they are prepared to make a supporting run into the final third
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