Total attack

This fast and furious attacking game switches from end-to-end and will give your forwards plenty of chances to score.This is good for attackers working the ball through an organised defence, and it has lots of chances for the attack to catch opponents on the counter. It’s a good session for tactics and techniques.

Set up

Use the space between the penalty boxes of your pitch, placing goals on the 18-yard line. We used 18 players.

How to play it

You need two keepers and two teams: a team of seven defends with a back four and three midfielders; a team of nine attacks with one centreback, two fullbacks, four midfielders and two attackers.
The attacking team constantly attacks, changing the end of attack after one shot – if they score or the ball hits the woodwork or the keeper makes a save or the shot misses, the team then attacks the other end.
The defending team can only be in the defending half so when the attack moves to the other end, they must quickly get into their new half – they cannot tackle until they are in the half they are defending. Switch players after five minutes.


Players must react to the changing situation and the change in direction of attack. You want to see good passing and good finishing.

    1.The attacking team start with the ball at the back and attacks the defending team
    2. The defending team must stay in the defending half of the pitch. They cannot go into the other half until the attackers switch the end they are targeting

    3. If the attacking team score a goal or the shot goes out of play or is saved, the attacking team turns around and attacks the other end
    4. When the attackers switch the end they are targeting, the defending team must quickly get into the other half of the pitch

    5. After the ball goes out of play, the keeper restarts with a pass to the attackers who now attack the other end
    6. Here the attacking team has played a quick ball to the winger to catch the defending team on the counterattack
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