Transitions: Your number’s up

This is a session where players must concentrate on the game they are playing and listen out for their number to be called – when it is they join a different game.

Why use it

This is a great game for transitions with two different ways to score and players moving to another game leaving spaces for teams to attack.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and two goals. Set up an area 45 x 20 yards split into two 20 x 20 yard zones with a 5 yard space between the. We used 18 players in the session.

How to play

You need to split your players into four teams plus two neutral players. Teams play 4v4 on each pitch plus a neutral player who plays for the team in possession. Number each of the four teams 1-4. In the first zone players score by receiving a pass in the end zone and in the second zone it is by scoring in the goals. When the coach calls out a number or a series of numbers the players with that number switch games leaving a 3v3 for however long it takes each player to switch.


Communication, passing and movement, scoring in two ways and reacting to the coaches call

Attacking from transitions

    1. There are two games going on side by side in which teams are playing 4v4
    2. The neutral player plays for the attacking team – scoring is different in each of the zones

    Games to react to transitions

      3. The moment of transition can be when the ball is intercepted like it is here and players react to the situation and score
      4. Here the team wins the ball back and move to secure it before playing forward

    Numbers game

      5. The coach calls out a number and the corresponding players must move from one scoring area to another
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