Turn and go

The midfield players run this game. They must be the creative ones who receive the ball in all areas of the pitch and, either through team play or individual skill, get it into the attacking third.

Set up

Set up an area of 50×40 yards with a goal at each end. Split the area into three zones: two end zones of 20 yards and a middle zone of 10 yards. You need bibs, cones and balls.

Why use it

This is an 8v8 game, with three defenders and a keeper in the back zone, two midfielders in the middle zone and two players in the attacking zone. Defending and attacking players are locked in, but midfielders are free and must press the opposition to win the ball and move it into the attacking zone. They should work through the three zones, always aiming to take the ball forwards.


Midfielders should be in a position to see the ball and both goals. This helps them make forward moves on and off the ball to get their team moving in the right direction. In counterattacking situations the midfielder should turn and go with the ball, catching the opposition on the back foot.

    1. Play starts with goal kicks into the defensive zone only. The ball must be played from the back to start the forward movement of the team
    2. The midfielders can go anywhere in the three zones. Here one comes to help out a defender before attempting to turn and take the ball forward

    3. Here the red midfielder wins the ball and his first movement is forward, building irresistible pressure on the opposition
    4. The forward movement has created an opportunity that the attacker takes on, moving into a position to get a shot away

    5. Swift forward movement by the midfielders has created a 4v3 overload in the final zone and results in a goal
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