Twos and threes

This simple game will teach your players how to win the ball and how to support an attack. This is a fast and attacking game with teams learning how to support an attack and where and when to play a pass. Winning the ball and playing passes behind the defence is key to the success of the session.

Set up

Use half your normal pitch with a 10×10 yard box at one end and a goal at the other. We used 11 players.

How to play it

Play 5v5 plus a goalkeeper. The team with the ball has two players in the box and three outside (one either side and one in the other half of the centre circle) against three defending players in the box and two outside.
The team with the ball must keep possession and get it to the player over the halfway line or dribble it into the other half of the centre circle. They can use the players out wide but only for a one-touch pass. If the opposition wins the ball they combine and play the ball into space. Players in the box cannot go out of it.


It’s a simple set-up that works on pressing and winning the ball and making a good final pass to set up attackers. Good for counterattacking and for keeping the ball in tight areas of the pitch.

    1. Play starts in the 10-yard square with the two red players trying to get past the three blue defenders
    2. The team can use players on the outside of the square but only with a one-touch pass

    3. If the team of three wins the ball they must play a pass into space for an outfield player to run onto
    4. Here the attacking team outpaces the defender to get to the ball first and score a goal

    5. The team of two scores by getting the ball to the player in the other side of the centre circle or by dribbling across the halfway line
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