Who can score?

Win the 1v1 battles and you will get chance to score in the main game – great to focus your players on scoring goals. Attacking midfielders often find themselves surrounded by defenders and they need to use skills to get into goalscoring positions on the pitch. This session helps them do that.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and a normal sized goal plus six pop up goals or use cones to make small goals. Create a 25 x 25 yard main area with a goal and three smaller 15 x 10 yard areas.

how to play it

Create three teams of three players. One player from each team go into the main pitch and battle to score against a goalkeeper. Players on the outside 1v1 pitches have to score 2 goals to earn the right to play on the main pitch – when a player does this they tag the team mate on the main pitch and swap places. Only goals scored on the main pitch count for the individual striker which will keep scores close. Add up points after a set time.


Ball shielding and beating player skills, shooting and skills to win and find space as an individual player.

    1. On the main pitch strikers battle to score against the goalkeeper in the large goal
    2. Players on the outside 1v1 pitches battle to earn the right to go and play on the main pitch

    3. On the outside pitches strikers must score two goals to go an switch with a player on the main pitch
    4. Here the strikers battle against each other – only goals scored on this pitch count as a point

    5. When players on the outside pitches score two goals the go and tag a player in the main pitch and swap places
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