Wide receivers

According to Fulham coach Steve Wigley this is a great session for passing and receiving, something that you cannot practise enough of if you want your team to retain possession and move the ball up the pitch into attacking areas.

Set up

Use three-quarters of your normal pitch with a goal at the penalty area end and a starting cone in the other half. We’ve used 11 players. You need balls, cones, bibs and a normal-sized goal.

How to play it

Set up the players to replicate an attacking team on match day. Follow the sequence in the diagram where A plays a short pass to B who plays a long pass to C in the other half. Player C lays a pass back to D, who plays wide to E. On this trigger F and G turn and make runs into the box as E runs down the wing and crosses into them. One of them must control and finish with one touch but if this is too difficult players can combine to score. Then run the drill on the opposite wing. Swap roles every four goes.


This is about passing and receiving from balls played wide and crossed in. It’s a good exercise for practicing attacking and finishing.

1. The practice starts in the opposite half of the pitch to the goal with a pass between defenders A and B
2. The defender B plays the ball into attacking midfielder C, who lays it back to a player D in support

3. The ball is played out wide to winger E, who makes his move down the wing into a position where he can cross the ball.
4. The twin strikers F and G make their move into the box, timing it so they meet the cross as it arrives in the box with a good finish

5.Now try the movement the other way and set the ball wide on the opposite wing

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