Win games like the Champions

Feeding strikers like Liverpool do with their amazing front three is the best way to get your team on the front foot and destroy the opposition before they have woken up.

Why use it

Attacking down the wings to feed the middle creates lots of goal scoring opportunities

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Use half your normal pitch and your full squad.

How to do it

This is a tactic to use when you want to steamroller the opposition the way Liverpool did to get to the Champions League final. You need to get your front three high up the pitch with support from attacking midfielders. Start with players in positions and get two wingbacks on either side of the pitch to start in their own half. You need one player in the centre circle with the ball who start play off by putting a long ball into the attacking third – on this trigger the wingers run and try to get the ball. If the defending team wins the ball they need to pass to their two players in the other half of the pitch. Play 5 attacks then swap attackers and defenders.


Long passing, movement, crossing and shooting

Attacking tactics

    1. A player in the centre circle starts the tactic – three forwards are high up the pitch
    2. Put two wingbacks in the defending half of the pitch ready to move on the trigger of the player hitting a long pass
    3. The player in the centre can pass long to the left or right or down the centre to the three attackers
    4. The attackers and the attacking midfielders behind them move as the ball is received – the attacking team can cross the ball or shoot from distance
    5. The defending team must get the ball into the other half of the pitch
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