Winging it

Try holding a Brazilian fullback to his own half and you’ll have a tough job. This session gets young fullbacks to recognise opportunities to advance down the wing and cross the ball into the attackers, adding numbers and pressure in the final third of the pitch.

Set up

Using your normal pitch create crossing zones on the edge of both sides of each penalty area, extending past the area half way to the centre line. We used 14 players. You need balls, bibs, cones and goals.

How to play it

Play a 7v7 including keepers. Play starts with the goalkeeper and builds up from the back. One pass must be back to the goalkeeper in the build up. To score, the ball must be passed or dribbled into one of the wide areas and crossed from that area. The wide areas are for the attacking teams only but players cannot hang around in there.


You want to see lots of dribbling and switching play to create space for movement into the crossing boxes. Fullbacks can run out of defence as the ball is passed between them and the goalkeeper.

    1. Play starts with the goalkeeper who passes out to the defenders. The move must include a pass back to the goalkeeper at some stage

      2. The ball must be passed into one of the attacking crossing zones before teams can score

        3. Fullbacks are key to the moves here. With no defenders in the way a dribble into the crossing zone is the best option

          4. Make sure the other members of the team are moving to support the play from the fullback

            5. You want to see players switching play to make use of space. Here the fullbacks combine with a switch of play to the opposite crossing zone

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