Working with attacking pairs

This game where players work in twos is all about shooting and recognising when to move into different zones to support the attack.

Why use it

Go for goals – great way to get attackers to support each other in twos.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Set up an area 50 x 30 yards split into two outer zones of 15 yards and a centre zone of 20 yards. We used 14 players in the session

How to do it

Create two teams of 7 players. Split your teams so they are playing 2v2 in all three zones – players must stay in their zones. Play with two balls starting from one from each end as this should create lots of shooting opportunities. You should get lots of situations where one team is attacking with two balls which means there will be lots of attacking situations
Progression 1
Goals can only be scored from shots outside of the final third.
Progression 2
Use one ball and the attacking team can go in any zone with the defending team stuck to the zones .


Turn and shoot at goal, lose your marker, react to the movement of the ball and good finishing.

Attacking in pairs

    1. Teams play 7v7 with 2v2s in each zone – players must stay in their zones
    2. Two balls are in play which should create lots of shooting chances – balls start at each end

Attacking in pairs

    3. One team can play both balls if they win it off their opponents
    4. If balls go out of play it is a restart with the keeper
    5. In the progression players can only score in the outside zones
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