World Cup moments – score from a corner

The Puyol Corner corner kick • either side of goal


Timing is vital. The crosser aims to hit the penalty spot and the attacker uses their momentum to jump higher than the defenders.


Germany had been the best team of the 2010 World Cup but Spain had passed their way to this semi-final. There were chances for both, but it was a set-piece goal that separated the teams at the end of the match.
Xavi set up to take a corner kick and Iniesta dropped close to the corner, while two German defenders dropped with him to cover a short pass. Carles Puyol, meanwhile, was lurking outside the penalty area at the back post, with David Villa on the post making a nuisance of himself.
Puyol timed his run, with Gerard Pique in the area already. Xavi whipped the cross in and Puyol jumped ahead of Pique, beating his team-mate and the German defender to power the ball into the net

Pressure points

Xavi and Iniesta make it look like they are going to play a short corner, but instead Xavi whips the ball into the penalty area.

Puyol makes a run from outside the penalty area without any defender picking him up

The jump must be perfect and the header being made with good technique, using the centre of the forehead for maximum power

Score from a corner

    1 Xavi draws two defenders out of the penalty area to cover any clever tika taka between him and Iniesta
    2 Puyol watches Xavi for the trigger to run into the box and is set off by Xavi’s movement to the ball
    3 Great momentum and jumping helps Puyol get to the ball through a crowd of defenders and team-mates. He hits an accurate header off the forehead
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