Zonal soccer coaching game

Taking opportunities is important when your soccer players are in match situations – they need to recognise the opportunity and take it. I like this zonal soccer coaching game that allows players to score at every opportunity. My players love it – one slip and the other team has a chance to score a goal. A game where quick thinking, technique and taking every chance that comes their way is vital.

Players are allowed to score in either goal so they can be defending one minute, then win the ball and score in the same goal – they have to be alert to any possibilities.

It’s also good because you are asking your players to make decisions about attacking and defending in quick succession.

soccer drill for taking opportunities


Set up soccer drill

Use a 40 yards by 30 yards area with two goals and two end zones. You need two goals and two goalkeepers. Each team has four outfield players, two in the middle zone and one in each end zone. They can attack either goal.

How to play it

  • Serve the ball by throwing it to the centre four players. It must be at the right height for heading. Teams must try and head it to one of their players.
  • Players can shoot from any of the zones into either goal.
  • The players in the end zones must try to get on the end of a pass or steal the ball from their opponent to score.
  • You can then play a 4v4 without zones to see if your team has sharpened their goal-scoring instincts.

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