Ball Control and Footwork

These soccer drills will give your players “Mastery of the Ball”. It is your first duty as a coach to give your players the soccer skills to be effective players. Ball control is the key to that. It’s about being comfortable on the ball, instant control, able to change feet, and move the ball where you want.

How to coach ronaldinho elastico- part 1

Ronaldinho elastic

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Named after the Brazilian international who played for Barcelona and AC Milan , this trick is a superb way of making a defender think you’re going one way but actually going the other. It makes a fantastic addition to any player’s skill-set. MORE

U9 dribble the ball 5 yards and turn activity - part 1

5 ways to improve turning with the ball

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For improving players, turning with the ball while keeping it under control is an important development phase. Key to this are practising different turning techniques and developing spatial awareness (knowing when and where to turn). Here are five great drills and activities that will help your players keep control when they are turning with the ball.... MORE

Joe Cole England

Watch World Cup moments: Joe Cole 2006

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WORLD CUP 20 June 2006: Joe Cole scores an incredible goal, on the volley from 35 yards, to put England into the lead in their Group B game against Sweden. The moment the ‘Golden Generation’ shone.   Here are 5 ways to master the volley so you can get your players to score screamers MORE

Juventus Chiellini v Barcelona

5 ways to coach running with the ball at...

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If you want your team to attack with pace, you need your players to be able to run with the ball at speed. But whereas being able to run quickly is usually something that comes naturally to a player, running quickly while keeping a ball under control is a skill that must be learned and... MORE

1v1 duels

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The 1v1 duel pitches two players in a tight situation where there can only be one winner. Who has got the determination and skill to claim the ball and dribble past their opponent to score a goal? MORE

Celtic Ki

How to make a long pass – 4 activities...

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The long pass advances from a short pass in that accuracy becomes vital over longer distances so technique must be practised. Use these four activities to hone the technique among your players. For beginners: Play the fun game Long and Short Of It to teach young players the art of passing the ball across longer... MORE

Hit a volley

5 ways to master your finishing with a volley

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Hitting the ball before it has bounced is far riskier than a taking a touch first but if you get your players to perfect the technique they have more chance of taking defenders and goalkeepers by surprise. In the youth game hitting the ball on the volley is the perfect way to hit the back of the net. MORE

How to coach goalkeeper footwork- part 1


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For goalkeepers, footwork is essential. Using their hands to make a save is obviously the first thought anybody has about shot stopping. However, if the goalkeeper is not in position they’ll never get the chance to use their hands. MORE

Practice the drag scissors

Vital skills – the drag scissors

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The Drag Scissors is a great skill for a winger who wants to buy time and make space. Watch the video THE DRAG SCISSORS IT will help players to learn the skill and use this session will help them to practise it Why use it If young players are facing a very fast defender they... MORE

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