5 ways to improve turning with the ball

For improving players, turning with the ball while keeping it under control is an important development phase. Key to this are practising different turning techniques and developing spatial awareness (knowing when and where to turn).

Here are five great drills and activities that will help your players keep control when they are turning with the ball.

First, take a look at Vital skills – The hook turn. Here you can get your players to watch the skill in the video and then practise it in a game.

Turning with the ball is relevant for all age groups but players must start practising it in the U7-U10 development phase. In my EasiCoach curriculum, the sessions Dribble the ball 5 yards and turn (U9 activity) and Develop a turning skill (U10 activity) are simple ways to get players turning with the ball, while Develop turning skills (U14 game) works well for slightly older players with a bit more technical ability.

You should also work on an end product that is created by turning with the ball… In Shoot on the turn the player turns and finishes by shooting. This is a great way to take a player’s mind off the turn and focus on the shot so he learns to do it without having to think about it.

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