Ball control and shielding skills soccer game

This is a great small-sided soccer game to get players used to playing against more or less players. It gives them a chance to use their shielding and ball-control skills and it’s a fun game with a competitive edge.
Tips to set up the game

  • Mark out a circle of about 25 yards diameter using cones or markers.
  • Have two teams of four players.
  • No goals.
  • Each team has one player on the pitch and three players on the outside.

small sided game to get young players using shielding and ball control skills
Rules of the game

  • To start, pass a ball into the pitch.The two players compete for possession.
  • The player who wins the ball attempts to pass out to a team mate.
  • If successful, the team mate enters the pitch to make a 2v1.
  • The winning team is the first to have all four players on the pitch and complete six consecutive passes.
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