Ball master

A lot of elements go into making a successful team. This session looks at players’ awareness of group shape and off-the-ball movements. The presence of the other groups executing the same objectives in the same space raises the demand on players of tactical decision making and precision of their ball skills.

Set up

Use half your normal pitch. You need balls and bibs. We used 9 players and a ball master (who could be the coach) in the session.

How to play it

Split your players into three groups of three players and place a ball master in the centre of the area. Each group has a ball and passes to the ball master who places a long pass for each group to chase and tells them the number of passes to make between them before returning the ball to him. The ball master should move position requiring players to look to make the pass back to him. The ball master should vary the distance of the first pass and the number of passes. Teams need to be aware of the other groups. The last pass in the sequence should be to the player nearest the ball master.


A variety of passes (short or long, on the ground or in the air, straight or bent, fast or slow) will be made by the players. The variety of passes will affect the ways the ball is received.

passing power

    1. The session starts with three groups of 3 players being given a ball by the ball master
    2. The ball master makes a pass into space for the players to chase and he gives them the number of passes to make before returning the ball

    3. The teams must pass and move around the area making sure they don’t interfere with the other teams
    4. When returning the ball to the ball master the player nearest to him must make the final pass

    5. Here the ball master has moved to the other side of the area to make the players look up and see where they need to pass the ball
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