Coaching tips for keepy ups

Keepy-up skills are all about juggling the ball in the air with any body part except the hands or arms. Use the following soccer drills to teach better ball and body control
keepy uppies

  1. Tell your players to start on the thighs. A larger surface is easier than smaller body parts.
  2. Then get them to move to the feet – once players get a feel for the drill, this is the next logical skill to try. Your players can alternate thighs and feet or juggle with one thigh or foot at a time.
  3. Encourage them to try the head. Remind the player to keep the ball on the forehead (at the hairline) and to keep the eyes wide open during the soccer drill.
  4. Be aware of posture throughout the training drill. Keeping an upright posture, with a slightly bent plant leg, arms at the sides or out to the sides, will help maintain balance and keep the ball in play.
  5. Be patient. Youngsters need practice to get beyond one or two juggles, but with constant repetition of these soccer drills, they can juggle indefinitely.
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